Artificial Turf for Tennis Courts

Turf for Tennis Courts

Tennis is enjoyed around the world as both a competitive sport and a way to get great exercise. But you’re missing out if you’ve only played tennis on clay, hard courts, or natural grass. Artificial turf for tennis courts is a safe, enjoyable, and long-lasting surface that reduces maintenance and improves playing!

History of Artificial Turf Tennis Courts

Traditionally, tennis was played on natural grass. Real grass courts date back to the late 1800s and are associated with competitive professional tennis. Because this surface is soft and slippery, the ball bounces quickly and stays low to the ground.

There’s no denying that grass courts can offer a great game. However, natural grass is easily torn up by wear and weather conditions. If a natural grass court gets too muddy or develops divots, it becomes dangerous for players. As a result, these courts require costly, frequent maintenance to remain playable. 

One solution to the problems caused by grass courts is hard and clay tennis courts. Unfortunately, these playing surfaces have their own issues. Clay courts have a sandy texture and heavy topspin that players must adjust to, making it difficult for them to play on other surfaces. Plus, clay courts dry out quickly and need to be constantly wet down to avoid damaging equipment and footwear.

Hard surface tennis courts heat up quickly under the sun, so play style needs to be adjusted depending on the weather. This makes it difficult for players to develop a consistent game. Hard surfaces are tough on players because they lack shock absorption, which leads to joint and knee problems.

With artificial grass tennis courts, you can enjoy the benefits of natural grass gameplay without the hassle of maintenance.

Why Other Tennis Court Surfaces Won’t Match Up to Turfc

Artificial grass tennis courts are the go-to solution for players seeking the perfect playing surface. Other hard courts and natural grass tennis courts simply don’t match up. Here are some of the key benefits of synthetic grass tennis courts:

Low Maintenance

Artificial turf courts don’t need to be watered, mowed, or weeded. Plus, when you work with professional installers, you can have your artificial grass tennis court installed in a matter of days.

Weather Resistant

Rain or shine, artificial grass tennis courts will stay green even in the off-season. And, unlike hard courts, artificial turf uses cooling technology to keep surfaces cool and comfortable, so players stay safe.


Artificial grass courts reduce the impact on players’ joints and tendons due to their soft makeup. Synthetic grass tennis courts also reduce slide, so players will have solid footing when returning serves and improving their game.

Choose Biltright Turf for Installation


If you’re ready to replace your existing court with an artificial grass tennis court, use Biltright Turf. We have a wide selection of synthetic turf in different heights and colors to match your taste. Plus, we partner with the best contractors in the business to deliver quality craftsmanship and outstanding service for your turf installation.


Get the tennis court of your dreams and partner with Biltright Turf for artificial grass installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can tennis be played on artificial grass?

Yes! Artificial turf is a safe, comfortable, and durable surface that’s safe for playing tennis.

What is the best surface for a tennis court?

Artificial turf is an ideal playing surface for tennis courts. It’s safe, low-maintenance, and highly weather resistant.

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