Artificial Turf around Pools

Create the perfect outdoor oasis with recycled artificial turf from Biltright. Trade your live lawn for lush, beautiful turf grass that stays green year round!

Cannon Ball Into More Fun with Artificial Grass


Artificial turf has been utilized in dry climates for years because it doesn’t need to be watered, and it is low maintenance. Today property owners all across the country are interested in the benefits of artificial turf.


Make the most of your yard with artificial grass! Artificial grass delivers functional space for fun and entertainment, with none of the labor intensive lawn care that comes with living grass.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pool Areas

Each turf installation is built to endure high-traffic, extreme weather, and long-term use. Our installation and product warranties protect your investment for years to come.

Installing artificial turf means you no longer have to mow, water, seed, fertilize, or tirelessly care for your lawn. Other than replacing infill when necessary or perking up flattened grass, your turf is practically maintenance free.

Synthetic grass is stain and odor resistant so clean up is never a hassle. For dry messes, simply use a leaf blower or soft-tip rake to remove any large or small debris. Other messes only require gentle cleansing agents and hosing down, making pet clean up and other messes a breeze.

Relax by the pool knowing the surrounding area is safer than traditional tiling. Turf is slip-resistant, so you no longer have to worry about falling and hurting yourself on wet concrete. If you do fall, instead it will be on soft, forgiving artificial grass.

Unlike natural grass that is a food source for insects, turf does not attract pests so you can roam and lounge freely around your pool without a concern for tiny pests.

The toxic chemicals you would normally use to kill weeds and bugs or fertilize natural grass are unnecessary with artificial grass. Since synthetic turf’s inherent properties don’t allow for unwanted growth, you’ll save money and reduce chemical exposure.

Choose BRT for Installation


From surveying to financing and installation, Biltright Turf technicians offer full service installation for pool projects using leading technology, expert advice, and convenient appointments.


During your consultation we’ll work with you to find the best artificial turf installation options for your specific goals and lifestyle.


We take care of everything, so our busy customers don’t have to lift a finger. We also offer same-day virtual calls so that you can get a quote for your artificial turf from the comfort of your home or office. Our invoice guarantee ensures you’ll only pay the price you’re quoted.


Biltright Turf strives to provide our customers with the gold standard in installation service. We’ve streamlined the turf installation process by partnering with the most experienced professional contractors in the business. We make turf installation quick and easy.

We make the decision-making process easy and convenient. Get a free virtual consultation and estimate on your pool area turf installation.


Is Artificial grass safe to put around a pool?

Yes, artificial grass is actually safer than alternatives like concrete, wood, or tile. Biltright installs artificial grass that provides shock absorption and slip resistance.

Can pool water damage artificial grass?

No. It is unlikely that common pool water would damage the turf. Artificial grass is made of durable materials to withstand commonly used pool chemicals.

Do mosquitoes live in artificial grass?

No. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass contains properties that are not conducive for mosquito habitation and reproduction. Though insects may fly by, they are not inclined to make turf their home.

Virtual Consultations

Same day virtual consultations lets you get an honest quote from the comfort of your home. Our team uses advanced imaging software to offer you a quote in 15-30 minutes, without anyone ever stepping foot on your property. And our invoice guarantee ensures that the price you’re quoted is the price you pay.

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