Artificial Turf for Indoor Fields

Benefits of Indoor Turf Fields

Turf offers better ball control than natural grass thanks to its consistent, uniform surface. This makes turf the ideal playing surface for precision sports, like soccer and golf.

Turf padding creates a field that is easier on players’ feet and bodies. Enjoy better comfort for extended games and practice.

Indoor turf fields require minimal maintenance. You can easily clean indoor turf fields with a stiff brush to remove debris and fluff out any flattened blades.

Turf fields provide better impact absorption compared to alternatives like concrete, rubber, or wood. Padded turf reduces injuries and decreases the wear and tear on players’ bodies.

Indoor turf fields are a game-changer for sports teams and athletic facilities. From soccer to football, golf, and more, these artificial surfaces provide a great alternative to other indoor fields. Artificial turf offers more versatility and shock absorption than wood or tile floors. It also creates a more dynamic surface for athletes to improve performance.

Artificial turf provides a consistent, durable, and comfortable playing field for athletes of any age or skill level!

Different Indoor Applications of Artificial Grass Fields:

Teams and athletes across the country prefer artificial turf over other indoor playing surfaces! Why? Because they know that turf offers safer, more consistent gameplay than any other indoor surface.


According to NBC sports, 50% of NFL teams prefer turf to the hassle of natural grass. Installing artificial turf with extra padding provides added protection during high-impact play. It keeps players safe while adding friction for precise movement and control across the field.


Minor leagues and MLB teams rely on artificial turf for practice and playing. Turf provides a slip-resistant surface for better athletic performance.


Artificial turf lets you bring the look and feel of traditional courts indoors. Olympic athletes like Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and more excel on grass courts. Grass surface is one of the fastest types of courts and favors players with great technique, speed, and concentration. Synthetic turf’s shock absorption is easier on player’s joints for a longer, more comfortable play.


Turf is a favorite for many dedicated soccer players because of its enhanced grip. Not only does it provide precise ball control, but it creates more traction for smoother, quicker movement.

How to Maintain an Indoor Turf Field


For dry spills, a shop vac may be used. Simply hold the shop vac off the surface to eliminate debris without removing the infill. Larger materials can be removed with a soft-tipped rake. With a stiff bristled brush you can fluff any flattened areas of turf.

Synthetic Grass Infill

Infill is added to synthetic turf installations to help the blades stand up straight, provide added cushion, help drainage, and prevent microbial growth. Biltright offers a wide range selection of high-quality infill, including:

  • 60 grit Silica sand
  • 16 grit Silica sand
  • Zeofill
  • Envirofill
  • Wonderfill
  • Camofill

Choose Biltright Turf for your Installation


Biltright provides expert synthetic grass installations for indoor and outdoor fields. Start with a free, thirty minute virtual consultation. Consultation specialists will work with you to determine how the area will be used and the goals for the space. Our consultation specialists will then suggest the best products to match business needs.


We guide you through every stop of the installation process. We take care of surveying, financing, and construction for an easy-going experience for you. Installation is quick and hassle-free. Biltright will install your lawn in weeks or less, not months.


We are Synthetic Turf Council (STC) certified as part of our commitment to excellence and professionalism.


Biltright turf installations are backed by extensive product and installation warranties. Business owners and homeowners across the country trust Biltright for top-tier service in a timely manner.

Receive a detailed virtual estimate using advanced imaging technology in less than 30 minutes. Biltright turf specialists will offer an overview of the installation process, answer any questions, and provide you with an estimate.


What is artificial turf good for?

Installing artificial grass is ideal for recreational areas and sports like bocce ball, putt-putt, football, soccer, and more. 

It is also a great way to maintain a pristine look for high-traffic areas for entertainment. Professionally installed turf can also be great for home improvement projects as it can raise the value of your home.

What should you not do with artificial turf?

Though artificial turf is very resilient, it is still susceptible to stains or fading. For this reason, avoid using harsh chemicals or exposing turf to hot coals or open fire.

Virtual Consultations

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