Specialty Artificial Turf

Did you know that your front lawn directly affects property values? Synthetic turf lawns look good in every season, giving you more time to enjoy your space and less time spent on yardwork. By installing a beautiful turf lawn, you can increase curb appeal and actually raise the value of your home. The same can be said for businesses too! Turf lawns are a great way to boost property values and create a great first impression for customers and partners! 

Artificial turf does more than just look good! It’s the ideal material for a variety of applications, from sports to recreation. Professional teams across the country depend on artificial turf as a cost effective solution for consistent, high performance play. 

Find high-quality synthetic turf products to fit your needs here.

Our Specialty Turf Products

Agility Turf: 

Designed for intense indoor training, Agility Turf is tougher and less abrasive than typical turf carpets. You can customize your space with Agility Turf’s unique color options. This product’s 5 mm foam pad backing provides safety, cushion and comfort.

    Eco 59 Silver Hybrid: 

    The ultimate sports turf! Hybrid 59 looks and feels just like natural grass! Hybrid 59’s slit filament design reduces the cost of maintenance by preventing infill migration.

    • Pile height: ~ 2 inches
    • Weight: ~ 91.1 oz

    Platinum Dream:

    The softest turf on the market! Platinum Dream’s quick draining properties make clean up easy! This turf does not require a weed barrier. 

    • Pile height: 1.6 inches
    • Weight: 105.7 oz

    Easy Putt: 

    Easy Putt lets you practice your short game anywhere! It offers the same roll and bounce as a professional golf course, and can be installed indoors, outdoors, and even over concrete. This turf is affordable, easy to clean.

    • Pile height: ~ ⅝ inch and 
    • Weight: ~ 59 oz

    Nutmeg Lush: 

    Offers a realistic look and feel with olive green and field green soft spun blades. Nutmeg Lush creates a soft but durable synthetic grass lawn.

    • Pile height: ~ 1 ⅝ inches
    • Weight: ~ 92 oz

      Nutmeg Lush Tall: 

      This turf combines soft spun field and olive green blades with nutmeg and olive green thatch for a realistic look and soft feel.

      • Pile height: ~ 2 inches
      • Weight: ~ 90 oz

        Ultimate Natural: 

        Realistic and soft-to-the-touch, Ultimate Natural accurately recreates the look and feel of natural grass. Its naturalistic color palette features a combination of field green and olive green. Its c-shaped blades are built to withstand the pressure of heavy foot traffic.

        • Pile height: ~1.5 inches
        • Weight: ~ 80 oz.

        Ultimate Natural Tall: 

        Commercial and residential grade turf with a natural look and feel.

        • Pile height: ~ 2 inches
        • Weight: ~ 80 oz

        Ultimate Fresh: 

        This turf’s natural look and soft feel will last for years to come. 

        • Pile height: ~ 1.5 inches
        • Weight: ~ 80 oz

          Olive Lush: 

          This turf is soft, durable and designed to match the look and feel of real grass. 

          • Pile height: ~ 1 ⅝ inches
          • Weight: ~ 92 oz


            Pet friendly artificial turf that is soft, natural looking, and built to withstand energetic pets. 

            • Pile height: ~ 1.5 inches
            • Weight: 71 oz

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              What type of turf is best?

              Biltright’s DuraBlade™ Technology offers a realistic look and feel with superior durability in high traffic areas. DuraBlade™ provides better resistance to high temperatures which allows more protection against color fading.

              What is the best artificial turf for a backyard?

              Platinum Dream turf is a great option because it is soft, lush, and feels luxurious. You’ll save time and money on maintenance as well since it doesn’t require a weed barrier and drains quickly. Also, our Pedigree is great for pet owners! It’s easy to clean and sports a lush 1.5 inch pile height.

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