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How to Install Artificial Grass

Artificial turf installation is a difficult and physically demanding process. Successfully installing a turf lawn can take dozens of hours of labor, and if you don’t get everything just right, you could end up right back at square one. Or worse! Settle for an uncomfortable and maybe even downright ugly yard.

So unless you’re a landscaping master or expert handyman, you’ll want to leave turf installation to the pros at Biltright. Our specialists will get your lawn right the first time — we guarantee it!

Before We Begin

Before we get started, we’ll want to learn more about your project through a free, thirty minute virtual consultation. Our team will pair you with a consultation specialist, who will ask you about the specifications of your yard and how you want to use the space. This will help us select a product which best matches your lifestyle and begin planning for installation.

Next, our surveyors will assess your property to determine our team’s approach to installation. Important considerations include the size of your yard, your soil type, the location of any irrigation lines, and how to best move materials in and out of your yard.

Tools We’ll Use

Limited access to equipment can turn a DIY renovation into a slog just to get the job done. Professional turf installation uses lots of heavy machinery to build your lawn quickly and effectively. While DIYers use shovels and wheelbarrows to remove the top layer of existing soil, our team uses a compact track loader to complete that same task in a fraction of the time! And though DIYers probably use a push broom to spread infill, while our team uses a power broom. Limited access to equipment can turn a DIY renovation into a labor heavy, six month long debacle.

Biltright utilizes high caliber machinery to craft amazing yards. To build your dream yard our team will use premium turf, class two road base, a compact track loader, a dump trailer, a compactor, a carpet kicker, non galvanized nails, putty knives, seam tape, infill, a drop spreader, a power broom, gopher wire, and weed barrier fabric.

If this sounds like a lot, it’s because it is! Like we mentioned earlier, turf installation is a long and difficult process. To make sure it gets done right, our team uses the best resources available.

Our Artificial Grass Installation Process

Biltright’s specialists are here to guide you through every step of the installation process. From products to surveying, financing, and construction we take care of everything. So you don’t have to!

We make installation quick and painless — because nobody wants to spend months living in a construction site! Our team has partnered with the best contractors in the business to deliver high caliber craftsmanship and lightning fast service. Biltright will make sure your lawn gets installed in weeks, not months!

Step 01 – Remove Grass

The first step is removing your existing lawn. We remove the top four inches of your existing lawn and base, and then dispose of it properly according to local regulations. Soil builds up quickly, so our team is careful to quickly remove excess soil to our dump trailer, so you’re not left with an unsightly mess.

Step 02 – add base

Second, we evenly spread three inches of class two road base where we will be laying your turf. The road base will help us to create a level platform with proper drainage.

Depending on your yard, we may recommend adding gopher wire and weed barrier to prevent vegetation and pests from sprouting through your new lawn. Weed barrier is NOT recommended if you have pets.

Our consultation specialists will make sure to find out what materials we’ll need to design a yard which matches your lifestyle. That way you don’t need to worry about construction details which are best left to a professional.

When installing gopher wire or weed barrier, first we lightly wet the area and go over it with a compactor to create a smooth base for laying the material. We then nail it in, preparing the area to finally lay your new artificial lawn.

Step 03 – lay turf

Next is the part we’ve all been waiting for… It’s time to lay your brand new turf!

As we roll out your gorgeous new lawn, our team is careful not to let it drag across the freshly prepared base. We let your grass sit in the sun for 30-60 minutes to expand.

We’re careful to make sure that the blades and stitch patterns are all facing the same way. Ignoring this would result in a poor looking lawn.

A carpet kicker helps us to stretch and maneuver the turf into place.

Step 04 – cut it to fit

We then use a box cutter to fit your new lawn to the unique shape of your yard. We leave a quarter to half an inch of turf over the border to help with finishing touches.

We then secure the seams using seam tape and glue. Correctly fitting the seams together is essential to creating a pristine, natural looking yard. Our specialists are careful to make sure that the blades of each piece of turf are oriented the same way, and that space in between stitch rows match.

Our crew places the red line of the seam tape squarely in the center of the seam, and then creates an “S” pattern with the glue on each side of the red line. We then move the turf into place and let the glue set.

Step 05 – secure the perimeter

After tucking in the border with a putty knife and hammer, we place 40-D 5 inch non-galvanized turf nails every six inches to secure your turf to its three inch base. We also place a handful of nails along the seams to reinforce these areas. Our team then brushes the turf with a power broom to stand the blades up straighter BEFORE adding infill — creating a more vertical blade memory.

Step 06 – spread infill

Next it’s time to spread the infill! Adding the correct amount of infill will directly impact the appearance, performance, and life span of your lawn. You have several infills to choose from, including acrylic coated sand, Zeolite, silica sand, and crumb rubber. A turf specialist will make sure to walk you through all of your options, and help choose the best infill for your project.

Our team will use a drop spreader to evenly disperse the proper amount of infill.

Step 07 – brush infill

Once the infill is in place, we’ll use a power broom to brush the turf. This will stand the blades up straight and give your new lawn the appearance of freshly mowed grass. Lastly, our team will rinse the grass to get rid of all remaining dust .


Once we’ve rinsed your lawn and packed up our equipment, all that’s left to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy your brand new turf! You won’t have to worry about getting up early to mow ever again. The only necessary maintenance is brushing your lawn a couple times each year.

With lawn care being a thing of the past, you’ll now have more time to actually enjoy your yard. From backyard barbecues to catch with the kids, you can be there for it all! There will be no more flooding, dead spots, or gopher holes to ruin your good time.


First we clear the area of dirt, dust, and debris. The surface must be flat and even before we lay out any turf, so our team will make sure to fill in any cracks and correct noticeable imperfections. It’s also important that the surface is dry, for gluing the seams and perimeter.

Step 02 – lay a pad

If you have kids, or want to use this space for recreation, you may want to consider adding an impact pad to your lawn. Impact pads absorb shock while still allowing for proper drainage. They’re not only effective in preventing sudden injuries, like falls, they also support muscle and joint health by adding extra cushion to your step.

Step 03 – lay turf

Just like how we spread turf on soil, our team will roll out your turf, making sure the blades are all facing the same direction. We use a carpet kicker to stretch your lawn into place.

Step 04 – cut it to fit

We then cut the turf to fit your yard, marking the seams on the concrete.

Step 05 – secure the perimeter

To bind your lawn with its concrete base, we peel back the grass and apply glue to the base. We then trowel the glue into a thin 12 inch wide layer. Our team is careful to make sure that the glue doesn’t impact the space’s existing drainage. As the glue begins to firm up, we move the turf back into place.

Step 06 – add infill

Lastly, our team adds the appropriate amount of infill to keep your blades sticking up. We use a power broom to spread the sand and push it into the base of the grass.

How We Install Artificial Grass on Concrete / Patios

Installing grass on concrete is a bit different from soil. Here’s how our team installs turf lawn on concrete areas.

Care and Maintenance

Download our artificial grass care and maintenance document to learn how to keep your turf looking great for years to come!


How much does artificial turf installation cost?
Prices vary from project to project. The size and layout of your yard both have a large impact on the final price tag.

Quotes usually start around $3,000. This value includes Biltright’s installation guarantee and our robust warranties.

And with Biltright the price you’re quoted is the price you pay! If we overlook something, we’ll eat that cost.

How much time does turf installation take?
Biltright’s team has turf installation down to a science. Most of our projects are completed in a couple weeks.

Virtual Consultations

Same day virtual consultations lets you get an honest quote from the comfort of your home. Our team uses advanced imaging software to offer you a quote in 15-30 minutes, without anyone ever stepping foot on your property. And our invoice guarantee ensures that the price you’re quoted is the price you pay.

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