Artificial Turf for Baseball & Softball Batting Cages

From little league players to professional athletes, every baseball player knows the importance of logging quality practice time in the batting cage. There’s nothing like feeling the crack of your bat hitting the ball when you swing. Of course, while batting cages offer fantastic benefits, they also have limitations. Poor weather conditions, worn fields, or lack of maintenance can turn your beautiful batting area into a slippery mess. Lack of traction from wear, flooding from the rain, and even dust clouds from drought are all symptoms of a batting practice area without proper upkeep.

Thankfully, there’s a way to enjoy lush grass under your cleats every day of the year. Quality synthetic turf allows baseball fans to enjoy professional quality batting cage turf without the lawncare and inconsistency of natural grass. Poor weather conditions and less-than-ideal environments are no match for luxury batting cage turf.

Professional Batting Cages

Professional and minor-league baseball teams often turn to artificial grass solutions to ensure they always have a consistent place to practice.


Durability – Professional batting cages that use turf can expect a playing surface that lasts. Natural grass isn’t able to hold up to line drives and ground balls the way artificial grass will.


Traction – Plus, with synthetic turf, professional players are guaranteed a high-traction surface to play on, rain or shine. This means no more worrying about injuries from slippery grass or wet mud patches.


Impact Resistant – When players are spending hours standing in an outdoor batting cage, their joints are protected from injury by artificial turf’s impact-absorbing features.

Residential Batting Cages

Who says pro-ball players should have all the fun? Residential batting cages offer a perfect place to gain ball skills and have fun. From aspiring pros logging additional practice hours to beer league players who want to step up their game, a private residential batting cage is a fun and effective way to develop your batting skills.


Great Look – Nobody wants an unsightly mud pit or patchy eyesore on their property. Artificial grass field material lets you enjoy great-looking backyard batting cage grass no matter the weather.


Low Maintenance – One of the best things about an artificial turf batting cage is the low maintenance. You won’t have to worry about mowing, seeding, or watering when it comes to turf cages.


Professional Feel – If you want to step up your game, practice the way professionals do. Turf cages let anybody feel like a major league player with their high traction surface and superior performance.

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What do you put under batting cages?

Outdoor batting cages can use various materials, including sand, dirt, concrete, natural grass, or artificial grass. Artificial turf allows players to enjoy a high-traction, beautiful play area without the upkeep natural grass requires.

How much is baseball turf?

The cost of artificial turf for baseball fields and outdoor batting cages varies based on the type of turf installed, the area covered, and installation requirements. However, batting cage turf is almost always significantly less expensive to install and maintain than natural grass. Professional turf installers and providers like Biltright can offer exact pricing for your project.

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