Artificial Turf for Gyms

If you’re a regular gym goer, you’ve noticed the increasing popularity of artificial turf in athletic gyms. This modern gym floor trend is gaining serious traction throughout the fitness world. And for good reason! Artificial turf flooring provides many unique benefits that other flooring types can’t offer.

Benefits of Turf for Gym Floors

Artificial turf is incredibly low maintenance. Unlike other floor materials that require regular vacuuming, stain treatment, waxing, polishing, or other necessities – a turf floor is easily scrubbed with soap and water or disinfectant as needed. It doesn’t show stains or wear the same way other floor types do.

One of turf’s biggest benefits over other flooring options is the impact-absorbing product material. You can put impact pads under turf to help protect joint health during heavy workouts! A hard and unforgiving surface can cause strain on the body and stress injuries when performing repetitive or high-intensity movements during exercise. The shock absorbing cushion provided by synthetic grass lets gym goers exercise without fear of exacerbating joint injuries.

Traction is incredibly important when performing different exercises. Artificial gym turf flooring gives athletes a high-traction environment where they can feel comfortable running, jumping, and moving. The textured surface decreases the risk of slip and fall injuries, even when the material is wet from a spill or sweat.

While less practical than other benefits, it’s undeniable that artificial turf looks incredible in indoor gym spaces. Gym patrons are more likely to join and use a space if it is beautiful and inviting. The modern look of synthetic turf does wonders to brighten up bland workout facilities.

Synthetic turf holds up beautifully to wear and tear. Especially in a gym environment where patrons are dropping heavy weights, jumping up and down, or dragging items across the floor – damage-resistant turf material is a great option.

Other Floors Don’t Stand a Chance Against Artificial Grass


Hardwood flooring is beautiful and makes an excellent surface for basketball courts, but it falls flat as a gym flooring material. This unforgiving material can cause joint pain and injury from falls and becomes dangerously slippery when wet.


Carpet is an especially poor choice for gym flooring. The fibers hold mildew, dust, and bacteria which can be breathed in or spread between patrons.


Vinyl is a popular choice for many gyms, but it comes with some significant downsides. Most notably, vinyl flooring is difficult to repair, and is hard to remove.


Rubber provides no traction or cushioned support for athletes. This is essential for tough exercises like speed training, sled training, or calisthenics, where the risk of injury is high



Concrete isn’t as durable as you think and is also hazardous as a flooring material for athletic centers. A fall onto concrete is dangerous due to the hard, unforgiving material. Cracks can form under the pressure of heavy weights. Not only this, but it is difficult to clean as it can stain.

Use Biltright Turf for Installation


Biltright Turf has everything you need to achieve the perfect athletic center flooring. As a trusted name in artificial turf and an official Home Depot partner, Biltright has the experience needed for any project. Our virtual sales call lets us offer a guaranteed estimate within minutes via satellite imagery. From high-quality material sourcing to seamless installation, Biltright is your go-to artificial turf dealer and installer.

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What kind of turf is used in gyms?

Many gyms and athletic centers use indoor turf as a flooring material. There are several high-performance products available that offer impact absorption, non-slip traction, and easy maintenance. Biltright can help you identify the best product for your artificial turf needs.

Is artificial grass good for the gym?

Yes, artificial grass is an excellent choice for gym floors. Functional athletic workouts, calisthenics, flexibility work, weight lifting, and some types of cardio are all performed on synthetic turf surfaces. Many casual and professional athletes prefer to exercise on turf due to its impact-absorbing material and high traction surface.

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