Artificial Turf for Baseball

From junior varsity to the major leagues, baseball teams of all sizes rely on the dependable performance of artificial turf for their fields. 

Natural grass baseball fields can be difficult to maintain and often fall into disrepair without frequent watering and mowing. Poorly kept grass not only results in an unattractive field but also increases the risk of player injury as divots and patches of dirt develop.

But with artificial turf, baseball organizations can enjoy safer playing conditions, reduced maintenance costs, and precision bounce and roll with every play, regardless of the weather.

Artificial Turf in Baseball


Artificial baseball turf first came into the public eye in 1966 when it was installed in the Houston Astrodome, replacing the green-painted dead grass and dirt that players had become accustomed to.


Flash forward fifty years, and the newest generation of synthetic turf technology is sweeping the MLB. Teams like the Texas Rangers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Miami Marlins all made the switch to turf — to the delight of athletes and staff.



For years, Arizona Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall received complaints about the maintenance of grass at Chase Field. The grass dried and hardened in the Arizona sun, leaving baseball players frustrated with high ball bounce and fast roll, while Arizona’s medical staff worried that patches of dead sod presented an increased risk of injury.


Converting to synthetic turf has provided the Diamondbacks greater consistency, while Hall claims it’s saved the city of Phoenix over 16 million gallons of water!



The Rangers’ decision to install synthetic turf capped off a two-year sports science study on the benefits of turf over natural grass. Rangers senior medical director, Jamie Reed, said, “I’m very confident this is going to be the best artificial playing surface in the game. It will be the safest for our players and for the fans.”


Rangers Rob Matwick stood by his team’s decision to implement synthetic turf, commenting, “People might say baseball should be played on grass. I’d say it should be played on the best quality surface we could put our players on.”



For years, one of the Marlins’ biggest operational challenges was maintaining live grass on the baseball field. “Getting the natural-grass surface to grow was probably our most consistent challenge that we had,” commented vice president Jeff King. “The big benefit for us is that [artificial grass] maintains a consistent playing surface that [is] safe for our players.”


Now Miami can enjoy a better baseball playing experience without having to waste thousands on a mad science project to keep natural grass alive in an indoor stadium.

About Biltright Turf


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And by reducing strain on joints and muscles, our synthetic turf dramatically lowers the risk of injury while still offering the same support and stability as natural grass.

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Do baseball stadiums use artificial turf?

There are 5 MLB teams currently using artificial turf in their stadiums, including The Diamondbacks, Marlins, Rays, Rangers, and Blue Jays.

What is baseball turf made of?

Artificial baseball turf is typically made of high-quality polypropylene fibers connected by a sturdy backing material.

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