What You Need To Know About Concrete Staining in Temecula

One of the main disadvantages when it comes to concrete flooring is their boring and dull gray color. Thank goodness concrete staining offers an attractive solution to this problem. Concrete staining also provides a solution that is permanent that even changes the concrete color under the surface. An attractive feature about stained concrete is that it does not require any added maintenance requirements.

Outdoors or indoors, in your garage or in a kitchen, stains offer a unique and innovative style upgrade. These stains also work well on both old or new concrete, and you have the choice to create custom patterns and designs. The concrete stains are available in two primary types. Each type comes with its own set of advantages, while one type may match up better to your specific project.

1. Acid-Based Stains

The stains create chemical reactions which permanently alters the concrete’s color. This is a permanent solution which cannot chip off.

2. Water-Based Stains

These stains are not designed to create chemical reactions, but the stain will penetrate the surface of the concrete which pigments it.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Acid-Based Stains

Concrete Staining in TemeculaThe concrete staining type has been in use for much longer in comparison to the water-based products. These acids stains work on producing color tones that are natural and slightly muted. Shale blue and burnt orange are the popular choices. The reaction created by chemicals is not able to offer the concrete with a solid and consistent color throughout. Instead, the end result involves natural irregularities which appear similar to stone colorations. Many home-owners or building contractors that choose the acid-based stains usually do so due to the permanence and look of these stains.

Certain people prefer to stay away from the acid-based stains to avoid the use of heavy-laden chemicals inside the home. The process to dry is long and there is also the need for serious ventilation over this time. The other drawback of the acid-based stains in the restriction in color options along with lack of control when it comes to the final outcome of the color.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Water-Based Stains

The water-based stains come in an array of color options, and they also provide brighter hues and many different styles. These Concrete Staining Company in Temeculaare the stains that are less toxic and more natural. This offers a product that is safe to use and provides an easier option and time when it comes to ventilation while these stains dry. Because there is no chemical reaction with a water-based stain, the color is also far more consistent and predictable. In certain cases, the acid-based stain is not an option due to acid cleaning or a previous stain. This is when a water-based stain becomes the better option.

One of the largest drawbacks to the water-based stains has to do with the pigments that work extremely fast. This means that errors or spills are often extremely complex or even impossible to correct. In addition, even though the water-based stains are regarded as permanent, cleaning and sealing are definitely more demanding and time-consuming with a water-based stain in comparison to the acid-based stains.


When comparing the two type of stains, the water-based option is easier as it can be applied quickly after the concrete has been cleaned. Yet this stain will require a sealant to prevent premature fading along with more maintenance. The water-based stains will require another application if you are after a deeper color. The acid-based stain is often dangerous for people with little experience. This why heavy gloves, protective gear, and face masks are needed before the application. 

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