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Artificial Turf Installation FAQs

How to clean artificial turf?

Cleaning artificial turf is quick and easy! First remove large pieces of debris. Then rinse your turf lawn with a garden hose, and watch dirt and debris wash away. Dirt particles, and even liquid pet waste, are filtered through your turf’s water permeable backing and into the ground below.

Do you have pets? The use of turf approved cleaning products is recommended to help sanitize and deodorize your lawn after the accumulation of pet waste. 

How long does artificial turf last?

Quality artificial turf can last for decades. Testing information like UV resistance, tuft bind strength, and water permeability are good indicators of how long your turf will last. Selecting the right turf for your intended use can help you get the longest life possible.  

Biltright’s turf products come backed by the longest warranties in the industry. Most of our lawns are backed by up to a sixteen year warranty! These cover things like severe fiber loss, material defects, and manufacturing defects. See material warranty for details.

Where can I buy artificial turf?

Biltright offers a wide selection of turf products. You can order artificial turf from our turf specialists, and have it installed within two weeks of delivery! We carry products made to fit every project and every lifestyle.

How to maintain artificial turf.

Maintaining artificial turf is simple and easy. We recommend adding a small amount of infill every year and a half to keep your lawn standing tall. But for lawns with less foot traffic, this may not be necessary. 

You’ll want to lightly brush your lawn as needed to disperse infill and keep blades standing upright. With foot traffic all synthetic grass will eventually lay over. The more stiff the blades are, the longer your lawn will stay standing tall. Softer blades are more likely to flatten from heavy foot traffic. We recommend installing stepping stones in high traffic areas to avoid matted down turf in the most areas of your yard. But even heavily trafficked turf looks much better than a half dead lawn!

If you have pets, make sure to rinse your lawn to get rid of liquid pet waste and left over particles.

Weed growth is a common, but preventable occurence in turf lawns. Weed growth is typically caused by wind driven seeds. Spray for weeds as needed and remove them. You can mitigate large scale weed growth by spraying and weeding each month. Ask your turf specialist which types of weed killers are good for synthetic grass applications.

How long does it take to install artificial turf?

Installation times vary. If you choose the DIY route or settle for a budget installation company, your project could take weeks if not months, or worse! Your turf might need to be reinstalled if improperly done the first time. 

Biltright installations can take as little as one day! Our skilled installation teams have been installing turf for well over 10 years, and install approximately 500 to 1,000 square feet of turf per day, depending on the project.

Is artificial turf pet and kid friendly?

Quality artificial turf is 100% kid and pet friendly. Turf makes playtime safer, cleaner, and easier. It provides extra cushion to support joint health, is hypoallergenic, and doesn’t fall apart after years of continuous use. And because artificial turf isn’t planted in dirt, it doesn’t become muddy — so you can spend less time cleaning and more time playing.

Turf lawns are ideal for pets! Synthetic turf won’t deteriorate from pet waste because it’s made from the highest quality polyurethane yarn available on the market!. The chemical composition of our blades can withstand both solid waste and pet urine without falling apart or losing color.

Biltright’s artificial grass is built to withstand rough play and heavy use. It features industry leading tuft bind strength, optimal drainage, and minimal lead content.

The Synthetic Turf Council’s robust safety standards state that lead content in turf products should be less than 100 milligrams per kilogram to be considered safe. Biltright products have less than 0.5 milligrams of lead per kilogram. That’s 200% less than the industry standard!

Does artificial grass have a warranty?

Biltright’s products and installation come backed by the most robust warranties in the industry. Our turf is warranted for up to sixteen years! That’s longer than most installers have been in business.

Installation workmanship is guaranteed for three yearsm whereas standard workmanship for home improvements are one year on labor. Biltright is proud to stand behind its “no visible seam” guarantee, which no other turf installer currently offers. 

How is artificial grass installed?

The best turf lawns are installed by turf specialists. Professional installers have the technical knowledge and specialized tools necessary for quality installation. 

Blitright makes installation quick and easy! Our team has partnered with the best contractors in the business to deliver high caliber craftsmanship and lightning fast service.

See how we’ll craft your dream yard:

Can artificial grass grow weeds?

Weed growth is a common, but preventable occurence in turf lawns. Weed growth is typically caused by wind driven seeds.  

Spray for weeds as needed and remove them. It’s important to take care of weed growth as it occurs so as to neutralize large amounts of growth from occurring. Ask your turf specialist which types of weed killers are good for synthetic grass applications. 

Synthetic lawns are much easier to maintain than natural sod and open planter areas from weed growth. Yet turf lawns still may require some degree of weed prevention.

What is artificial turf made from?

Quality artificial turf is made from high quality C8 polyethylene yarn or polyethylene backings. Latex coated backings can be used for indoor use, but are not ideal for outdoor use because they deteriorate when exposed to the outdoors. Be sure to stay away from latex backed turf for outdoor use.

How is artificial turf made?

The manufacturing process for synthetic grass is very similar to carpet. Beginning with a high quality woven polypropylene geotextile material and durablade c8 yarn spools, the turf gets tufted through a textile machine. The yarn is woven at high speed through a polyurethane backing, and then cut and sheared as it passes through the textile. Once the yarn is woven into the backing, it is coated with polyurethane and cured, to create a binding for the yarn. This ensures that the yarn can’t be easily ripped from its backing. The finished product is then rolled onto heavy duty cardboard and wrapped with a thin layer of protective plastic for shipping. 

Do you need to be licensed to install artificial turf?

In almost all cases, yes. Laws vary from state to state. For example, in California, any contract work that totals over $500 requires a license for it to be performed legally.

Beyond legal requirements, you should opt for a professional installer because their certifications and licenses demonstrate that they have the technical knowledge to safely and effectively install artificial turf.

Does artificial turf smell with pet use?

Quality artificial turf will not smell like pet waste, if it’s properly cleaned. Simply remove solid pet waste and rinse your lawn with a garden hose. Urine will drain through your turf’s water permeable backings.

You can also use infills with antimicrobial technology to lock and trap odors from pet waste. We also recommend other cleaning and sanitation products to help neutralize pet odors as they develop. 

Does artificial turf get hot?

Yes, just like any other non-living surface, artificial grass products become hot when exposed to direct sunlight. But there are still several ways to make full use of your turf yard despite the heat. For example, you can use a garden hose to quickly rinse the infill within your turf and activate evaporative cooling, so that your family can play comfortably on your lawn. 

Some infill products will stay cooler than others. Make sure to ask your turf specialist about these options.  

What type of sand for artificial grass infill?

There are several types of infills which work great for artificial grass. You can use acrylic coated sand, Zeolite, or silica sand. The most commonly used infill is 16 grit silica sand. Silica sand acts as an effective ballast, and helps prop up yarn fibers. For pets we typically recommend 100% envirofill or a 50/50 mix of zeofill and silica sand. 

When using zeofill, add 50% to the total volume you would use for a 16 grit silica sand, since zeofill will eventually disintegrate with water flow and use over time. This is why we recommend a 50/50 blend of zeofill standard silica sand. 

Rubber infill is not recommended for landscape use because it adds to the ambient temperature of the turf and is not necessary in landscape applications for safety reasons. Rubber infill is commonly used for sports or playground applications where protection from falling is needed on turf. 

Biltright has experience with all types of infill applications. Please ask your turf specialist which infill is right for your project. 

How much infill for artificial grass?

The recommended amount of infill is determined by the height, thickness, and construction of a particular turf lawn. See turf specifications when determining how much infill to use. Most products take between one to two pounds per square foot. 

How to apply infill to artificial grass?

After installation, make sure to brush your turf with a power broom (motorized brush) to get the yarn to open up in preparation for infill installation. Biltright’s team installs infill using a drop spreader to evenly distribute the infill throughout the turf. Between each pass/distribution of infill we run the power broom across the surface until the infill has been thoroughly distributed into the turf. 

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