Artificial Grass Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help extend the life of your artificial grass!

We offer artificial grass maintenance services so you don’t have to do anything aside from enjoying your yard! Give us a call or fill out our form to get more information regarding our cleaning packages! We offer our services for all artificial grass lawns, even if we didn’t install it!

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If you would prefer to put in the hard work on your own, we have put together some guidelines to ensure your success in maintaining your yard.

Routine Maintenance


A shop-vac may be used for dry spills. Be sure to hold the suction end of the hose off the surface to avoid removing infill.


Use a leaf blower to remove organic materials from the surface. A soft-tipped rake can be used to remove heavier objects.


If weeds are present, spray area with a weed killer multiple times and on several occasions to make sure the weed is completely dead before pulling it out, with root, if possible.


If the infill is disturbed after a heavy rain, let the area dry, remove the surface debris, and fluff the area to redistribute the surface infill.

Pet Clean Up


To clean away waste and eliminate odors, routinely rinse the areas that your pet uses with water, or a combination of water and natural enzyme based cleaner. Remove solid waste as normal.

Home Putting Greens


For customers who desire a faster speed, we recommend using a water roller weekly.


To prevent tripping hazards, remove flags and
use cup covers. Replacement flags and cup covers are available for purchase through Biltright.

Avoiding Potential Problems


Problems with yard pests such as gophers may require additional barriers.


Spraying water on the turf will make it more comfortable on bare feet and pets on very hot days.


Avoid laying anything hot on the turf, such as leaf blowers, weed trimmers, lit cigarettes, chainsaws, or barbecues. Hot items may damage the turf.


Any reflective surface, including high efficiency windows, can occasionally concentrate the sun’s energy to high heats that may put your turf at risk.

We recommend using ground cover that will not be affected by the very high heat, such as stepping stones, or decorative rocks. It is also possible to deflect the sun through the use of shades, awnings, trees and vegetation.

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